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March 07, 2013 at 12:54 PM

Engineering graduates’ preparation for career should be in the perspective of industry readiness.

Even if the career chosen is not in industry, an engineering graduate should imbibe the qualities required by industry. Unlike other education streams, engineering curricula should be oriented based on practical knowledge. The career preparation guidelines given below are for curricula and beyond curricula.

Industry expectations:

1.Strong in fundamentals – Engineering is based on Science and Mathematics. Similarly, technology is based on engineering. Hence, strong knowledge in basic engineering principles will help evolve technology and enhance skills required for application of that knowledge.

2.Problem solving and abstraction capabilities – Inculcating problem solving abilities is fundamental purpose of education. Abstraction in this context is the ability to relate to and solve the real world challenges with the knowledge acquired.

3.Aptitude and Attitude – Quick recollection of acquired knowledge is an important skill in industry. The attitude of learning requires the ability to unlearn and relearn. Self-discipline and perseverance are important.

4.Team work – The ability to work in teams requires good inter personal skills and sharing of knowledge for the benefit of team objectives.

5.Creativity – The ability to question, bring about change, thinking innovatively and thought leadership is required for being agile. Great people have done what everyone can do but did not do!

6.Communication skills – Sharing is the purpose for learning. The ability to articulate (oral, written or expression) is a must for engineers.

7.Predictable performance and behavior – The past accomplishments and conduct will become an indicator for future performance and behavior. Characterless education can lead to disaster.

8.Confidence, Conviction and Commitment – Acquired skills, plan (short & long-term) and preparation lead to confidence. Successful implementations of plans give conviction. However, commitment is professional virtue.

Preparation Guidelines:

Personal Profile: One should introspect and find out ones strengths, weaknesses, short & long term plans and personal attributes and interests. Side effect of this effort is ‘a well written resume’.

Professional look: One should groom oneself to look impressive. Trendy & well maintained cloths, well groomed hair styles, hygiene, erect posture, acceptable gestures help create first impression.

Knowledge presentation: Ability to engage in discussions on subject, current topics requires continuous learning. Learning for sharing is the clue.

Technical skills may fetch you the first job. Life skills promote you to next level!

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