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Who is eligible for getting a GRID card?

1. Who can get a GRID card?
GRID is available for students pursuing their graduation, and graduates who are already working.

2. Im a part-time graduate -can i still get a GRID card?
yes,any graduate can get this card.

3. Is there any age limit?
Any person below sixty years can apply for a GRID card and enjoy its services

Where can i purchase an GRID card?

1.Can i buy a GRID card through online?
Yes, you can registered by logging into the website www.itsmygrid.com. And you can make the payment online itself.

2.Can i apply via telephone?
No, you cannot apply through telephone.

Ordered cards?

1. I ordered my card online - how long it takes to get my card?
It takes 15 working days to get your card through post.

2. How to activate my card?
No need of any activation ,you can directly use it.

What benefits and discounts can i get with my card?

1.What benifits and discounts i get with GRID card?

For students: attending an an interview applying for bank account /a bus pass/a passport/a pancard etc.....,availing student specific corporate discounts/ offers.

For graduates: applying for a new role /company,availing loans/corporate discounts/offers.

2. What help can i get in an emergency?
Your card is not just about giving you great benefits-we will also do our best to help you in the emergency

3.Can my freinds and family also enjoy the card benefits?
No, unfortunately not. The benefits and discounts can only be enjoyed by the card holder.

General card enquiries

1.How much does an GRID card cost?
The GRID card cost Rs.250/- only.

2.How long is my card valid?
Your card is valid only for five years, and need to renew your card once it got expired.For that you need to pay Rs.50/- per card

3.My card was lost or stolen?
If the card is lost or stolen ,you can apply for a new card by paying the full amount.

4.What if my card does not work?
Our customer service will be there for you to help regarding the card issues.

5.Who will have the access to the GRID database?How will the security of the database be ensured?
The grid database will be guarded both physically and electronically by a few select individuals with high clearance .It will be secured with the best encryption,and in a highly secured vault.all access details will be properly logged.

Note: ThisĀ  is not a debit or credit card. Not valid for payments.

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For further queries about GRID services, contact our support team at support@itsmygrid.com or reach our Help line at +91-40-64546700 / 64536700.